Fields of Flowers in Purcellville, VA with A Daily Something + Lady Farmer

Last week I had the chance to meet up with A Daily Something and Lady Farmer to highlight their upcoming line of sustainable and ethical clothing (It's definitely happening because they already met their initial 30k goal through Kickstarter!).

It was such a treat to finally meet Rebecca of A Daily Something in person and to work together on a project that we both believe in so strongly.

I first came across Lady Farmer almost a year ago when they came to one of my Makers Meals at Kit + Ace in Georgetown. We hit it off right away and I was completely on board to help them spread the word about their beautiful line of clothing and their important message of community and slow living!

But what is slow living? It's a term we hear so often these days. I definitely fall under the slow living movement in my brand and message but my life sure as hell isn't feeling 'slow' as a result. If anything, i'm running faster than I ever have as I work to build community, create spaces and support real change in the way we interact with people and the environment through our purchasing.

I love the term slow living but I actually think what it stands for is intentional living. We are living in a fast-paced world and to slow down to some may suggest to disengage and to live in a bubble.

Instead, intentional living is saying 'Yes' to the things that matter (read: protecting our farmland, rivers, forests and health for ourselves and for future generations), letting go of the things that don't (read: materialism + comparison), opening our door to real community and meaningful conversations and yet, learning when to focus on our own self care and the needs of our families and communities when necessary.

With this in mind, I am incredibly excited that if they reach their 50k stretch goal, Lady Farmer has promised to host a Slow Living Conference to bring together this community to further explore what Slow Living means to each of us individually and as a community of 'Makers' or people engaged in creating beauty in the world around us.

If you haven't already, please go support the Lady Farmer Kickstarter (there is something for every level of support) and help to further the discussion around Slow Living and how we can better incorporate it into our every day.

In the images below Rebecca is wearing the 'Brigit Overalls' made of a hemp/organic cotton blend. She chose to add a linen over shirt since the mid-Atlantic is just settling into Autumn and the breeze is bringing with it a slight chill.


The 'Demeter Tunic' made with a hemp/organic cotton blend and certified sustainable + compostable. Deep pockets in the front and back will hold almost anything but are great for gardening, painting, photography (that's for me!) or foraging/picking flowers! It can be worn as a top with leggings or as a dress!

**Many thanks to Fields of Flowers for creating such a soul-nourishing space to appreciate the beauty of nature and to adorn our homes with the simple pleasure of flowers!