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What is Terroir?

Terroir is the idea that food has specific qualities that are influenced by a sense of place. How/When/Where/Why food is farmed influences everything about its taste, texture, smell, overall quality and, therefore, our experience of it.

When we overlook or even remove these important terroir qualities, food loses a part of its soul. When we ‘displace’ food, in a way, we ‘displace’ ourselves. It no longer connects us to our own "place". It no longer draws us to protect, care for and nourish our own land and communities.

The idea of terroir has always felt spiritual to me. Like food, we are rooted in a "place". Everything about our culture, history and story affects the way we engage with the world around us and the "taste" that people experience when with us.

Embracing terroir allows us to engage with and invest in all of the different places we find ourselves, without letting go of the specific aspects of where we came from.